What can therapy do for you

What can therapy do for you

What is therapy and what are its benefits?

While COACHING is typically used to improve performance, set goals, improve capabilities, make certain changes in one’s behavior or routines (smoking, drinking, etc.) THERAPY mainly deals with psychological and psychosomatic (medical) problems.

During therapy no pills are used. In therapy I aim to solve psychological issues, I use various communication methods, analyzing not just the words clients tell me but also nonverbal communication. I also look back into the client’s past using hypnosis, music, relaxation techniques and so on.

Therapy can be very useful for getting rid of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias or uncontrolable emotions, stress, relationship or communication issues, various types of addictions or even lack of self-confidence or motiavtion.

Therapy is also suitable to help alleviate pain connected to psychosomatic problems, whicih are often hidden behind medical issues (worse eyesight, allergies, eczemas, weight problems, etc.).