Services for individuals

Services for individuals


Personal COACHING is used mostly to enhance performance, lifestyle changes and personal growth, THERAPY to help with psychological or health problems.

Some of the coaching services offered are:

  • reassessing life values, planning
  • career changes
  • improving communication skills
  • improving presentation skills
  • eliminating mental blocks
  • personal growth
  • increasing confidence
  • improving specific abilities and capabilities

Some of the therapeutic services offered are:

  • eliminating phobias (anxiety disorder tied to a particular thing, event or being, etc.)
  • eliminating various addictions (smoking, drinking, gaming, sugar, etc.)
  • improving eye-sight (reducing the number dioptre, eye-sight cannot be mechanically damaged)
  • eliminating allergies
  • eliminating eczemas
  • alleviating psychological pain
  • eliminating various other health problems
  • testing food