Phobias, fears and blocks

Phobias, fears and blocks


Most people are aware that a phobia is characterized by an intense often uncalled for fear of things, situations or people. Only those people, who really suffer from a phobia, know that such a fear can be paralyzing and cause you to be unable to function normally on a day to day basis. Phobias share some common characteristics such as faster heart rate, sweating, feeling faint or just becoming scared.

The most common phobias I deal with are phobias of heights, closed spaces, spiders and snakes; more complex phobias pertain to social anxiety, fear of being alone or fear of people.

Many of our fears, which we cannot even explain to ourselves or blocks, which stop us from solving seemingly simple situations can easily be dealt with just as phobias.

Most of the things that limit us are programed in our unconscious minds, once we get to the bottom of the problem it is no longer difficult to resolve these limiting factors in our lives.