I am a lecturer and coach specializing in an individualistic approach, quick and effective changes in the fields of addiction, motivation, personal development, hypnosis,


pain alleviation, personal happiness.

I also work in the sphere of communication, relationship and setting and fulfilling realistic goals. I help people get the positive therapeutic changes they want using hypnotic trance and NLP techniques.

Apart from studying at Centrum systemiky a NLP in Prague, Brno and the NLP Academy in London, I also completed studies at the Institute of Alternative Learning in Prague, where I also work as a lecturer.

I spent a large part of my life abroad (England, Canada, Philippines, India, Japan). I did my bachelor studies at Anglo-American University and continued my studies at VŠE (University of Economics, Prague). I wrote my thesis on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing), which I have been interested in for many years. In my practice I mainly use well-established NLP techniques with a combination of alternative psychology.

I started coaching and healing systematically in 2011.


O MNĚVŠE – Management department, diploma thesis (The Application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Management)
Centrum systemiky a NLP, Brno & Prague
NLP Academy, London
University of the New Age, Prague