Most of us suffer from some sort of affliction, typically linked to our health, work or relationships, or a combination of many problems. During our session, will we find out what is limiting you from having the type of life you want. Together, we will work to remove these obstacles.

Given that our state or health, abilities and capabilities, as well as various fears and phobias affect our unconscious, it is possible to reprogram and change these dispositions. Coaching coupled with NLP methodology is effective at mitigating phobias, bad habits or problems with weight.

Although the services, coaching methods and therapies I use for individual areas significantly overlap, they all have one common denominator – an individualistic approach, during which I utilize the best mix of methods for the particular client. I also choose the most fitting psychotherapeutic method, often tied to NLP, according to your personal needs to save you time and money – you will be able to reach your goal faster.

NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming (neuro-linguistic therapy) is a set of relatively new techniques, which can be used to modify or change the programs running in the back of our minds (unconsciousness). These programs not only affect our behavior and abilities but our health as well – learn more about NLP. From time to time when convention NLP is not enough I rely on my background in alternative medicine to help my clients – learn more about my alternative approach.