Corporate consultingaging

Corporate consultingaging

Seminars and consultations are more suitable for corporations and organizations. The motto of the seminars is: “Better understand yourself and others”. Most often the topics of my seminars are:

  • understanding the benefits of NLP (courses and seminars for schools and firms)
  • improving communication skills
  • improving presentation skills,
  • finding/checking company strategies,
  • sales capabilities
  • the selection and evaluation of candidates – HR (I offer this consulting as a service as well)

Aim of seminars and lectures:

Lectures for schools – what is NLP, what are its applications, etc.
Communication – internal and external communication on all levels (communicating with clients, communication on the managerial level, etc.)
Sales – improving sales techniques, habits and processes
HR – finding the right people for the first position – identifying the right type of person tailored to his required roles, selection of potential employees
Strategy and company development – coaching of new strategies, finding business opportunities for the company
NLP representation systems – identifying the different types to improve – communication, sales, marketing etc.
Identifying so-called meta programs (so-called filters of perception, basis for people’s behavior) – communication with people according to their programs (useful for HR, sales and marketing)

Please contact me to inquire further. I can create a special program tailored your company’s or organization’s needs.